Sunday, March 1, 2009

the kids are sick..

audrey's been sick for about a week already.. we missed your mandarin class.. and haven't been to gymboree all week! poor little thing. but you love, love, love playing with wai-po.. so much so that you often go to her to play rather than mommy and daddy. i think that this 18 month to 2 years old stage is the *bestest* time. you are so cute.. you totally understand everything we say.. and you love getting attention by showing off your little tricks... rowing a boat, shing nian hao, dancing to the wiggles...

spencer... this last week was your sixth week.. they say peak fussiness happens at 6 weeks... so i'm waiting for things to start getting better.. but they just seem to be getting worse! maybe because you're a bit sick.. we used the reflux medicine for the first time.. it seems to calm you down.. sometimes you just spit up so much.. and other times you don't spit up much at all. and you have this typical evening fussiness that we didn't have with audrey. you cluster feed from like 6pm til 9pm.. you fuss.. you get all aggravated during nursing.. yet you nurse constantly during these three hours... you have lots of gas.. lots of burping and farting.. you sleep in a swing and bouncy seat at nights... i sure do wish you would start sleeping better... you are pretty regular though.. you typically sleep at 10am.. and 1pm.. 5pm... and of course there's the evening fussy period.

right now you are asleep on daddy, and we're watching tv.. that's what happens every night... :-)

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