Wednesday, November 21, 2007

turkey day tomorrow and misc

tomorrow will be your first thanksgiving! daddy is basically single handedly preparing the entire meal for a dozen people. we're bringing out the fine china..and have been prepping since tuesday! daddy always loves looking for new recipes to create each year's thanksgiving feast.

we went to try to take holiday pics today... alas- no success. you cried and fussed and wouldn't smile for the camera... you'd only cry! :-( well.. we rescheduled.. mommy really wants some cute photos of your for holiday cards.. your little outfit is so cute!

you've given us some of the roughest nights we've had so far in the past several days... of course, there was one day that was the best we've had... you only woke up 4 times!! then yesterday, i think you cried and woke up like a dozen times! mommy always hopes for a good night each time we put you in the crib... please let it be a good night tonight...! we realized that some of the roughest nights were due to your teething... you're not even four months yet.. but you're definitely teething! poor baby girl.. first you have a cold for almost a month.. and now teething... it's no wonder you haven't been sleeping well...

on that note, you were pretty funny last night! you normally fall asleep while nursing.. but yesterday, you seemed wide awake! you would pull off and look at mommy and just smile. :-) then daddy took you to try to get you to sleep... but you'd just smile and laugh at him too! well.. at some point, daddy decided to put you in your crib wide awake... and then of course.. do the daddy thing.. which is to turn on every gadget in the crib.. you got the mobile going.. the vibration.. heartbeat sounds... and lo and behold.. you fussed for a few seconds.. and then closed your eyes and went to sleep! wow! mommy and daddy were stunned. of course.. you then woke up an hour later.. and then every hour after that for the rest of the evening... bleh. :-)

it'll get better.. i know it will...