Friday, April 18, 2008

umm.. still napping?

it's been 2 hours and 45 minutes! longest nap ever... wake up... wake up little baby... it's time to play.. and keep trying to get that crawl down!

sleeping through the night!

finally - at 8.5 months..! daddy kicked mommy into the guest house 2 nights ago... after a night of crying for an hour and a half whenever mommy put you back in the crib. daddy was gonna do cry it out again.. he got all set up.. turned up the monitor full blast, kept all the lights on in the bedroom.. slept propped with tons of pillows.. set his alarm to go off every hour... just so he wouldn't sleep through your crying (daddy's quite a heavy sleeper). but lo and behold what happens? you sleep from 8pm to 6pm without hardly a peep.

we all thought it was a fluke.. so daddy kicked mommy out to the guest house again last night. you woke up and cried for about 10 minutes at 3am.. but fell right back asleep until 6am. and now you're napping in your crib as i blog... going on past 2 hours already! let's hope this becomes the norm!