Saturday, June 27, 2009

cry it out spencer take 2!

ok.. so it didn't quite work last time... and then you got sick.. again.. and we can't possibly make you cry it out when you're sick! so here we are.. almost a month later.. and mommy is confined to the bedroom. yesterday was the first night... you went down at 8.. woke up at 11:40... apparently you cried like 20 minutes and fell back asleep until 2pm when you woke and daddy gave you a bottle... fell right back asleep until 5:30.. when you whimpered and struggled and slept a little here and there until 6:30, when you had it, and were up for the day. pretty darn good! max crying time of 20 minutes before falling asleep.. your sister audrey cried for a whole hour when we let her cry it out!

tonight you had a harder time going down... but again.. cried 20 minutes and fell asleep. we'll have to see how the rest of the night goes.. but if you can go all night... woo hoo.. a whole new world for mommy.. one where i can get some sleep finally at last!

i also started you on level 2 baby food jars today... banana rice peach today.. yum! you're still not such a big milk drinker.. but boy you can eat that baby food!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cry it out spencer!

little spencer, spencer, spencer... mommy had every intention of letting you cry it out as soon as you turned 4 months old... even advised by your pediatrician.. but daddy was away.. and cio is daddy's job! then when he got back.. you got sick.. and then we started solids... and then mommy started to wean you... and you still had to be swaddled.. and mommy was worried that there were other issues preventing you from sleeping well... so mommy thought she'd hold out and suck it up for a coupla more weeks. alas, your multiple multiple night wakings.. inability to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.. and difficulty going down at night really began to wear mommy out. finally, mommy had enough. daddy sent mommy out to target tonight. and i came back to a silent house!!! apparently, daddy put you down in the crib, sans swaddle, turned on the mobile and left. you cried for a full 10 minutes.. then took a short rest... then after another 2-3 minutes of crying, daddy came up to soothe you and gave you your pacifier.. you turned your head and went to sleep. done! we'll see how the rest of the night goes.. but mommy is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. and getting ready for a whole new world!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sleep - what else? :-)

ah.. sleep. last week spencer gave us 8 straight hours out of the blue.. and then a couple of days later.. started waking up every single hour and napping horribly. growth spurt? probably... you're about 3.5 months now... they say growth spurts happen at 3 months and 4 months? then we also felt a tooth coming in.. upper left. teething too? well.. after a couple of days of angst.. we even tried a couple of spoons of rice cereal one evening... your night sleeping is getting better.. got 4.5 hours last night... and then of course it goes downhill from there. and now daddy is leaving for taiwan for a week and a half.. aaaagh! whatever will i do without him? you're still quite a handful... you need to be hald all the time.. and sometimes you cry even while being held.. and of course.. you are *heavy*... daddy thinks that audrey was easier than you... she needed to be held all the time too.. but she was like half your weight!

you're smiling a bit more.. i think there have been some laughs.. particularly after waking up well rested. you like tummy time.. you're starting to grab things... you love the bath every night... only thing that calms you down... you're wearing 9 month clothes... you're breaking out of your swaddle every night... you love watching tv... and um.. that's all i can think of right now...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

cio - again...

little audrey... your sleeping in the last month got from awesome to terrible... it all started with some middle of the night screaming so daddy slept on the floor in the room with you.. once a week.. then every coupla days.. then every single day.. then needing to sleep on the floor next to daddy... then we introduced the toddler bed and that didn't work... so we got you back in the crib... then you started to need daddy in the room with you until you fell asleep... then also for naps... sigh. so we had to resort to letting you cry it out tonight. not something mommy can do at all.. left it all to daddy... mommy can't bear to hear your sobs. i suppose it didn't go all that bad.. you were asleep within about a half hour of crying.. now we have to wait until your middle of the night screaming for daddy and see how that goes... sigh. all this, and we're trying to transition you to preschool 2 days a week too... and who knows.. maybe your molars are coming in too.. and you've got this annoying 3 month old little brother who takes up time from mommy and daddy.. :-(

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

an update

hm.. what's happened since the last post.. um.. well, in the last few days, spencer turned 3 months old... we moved you up to your crib.. and for the most part, you're sleeping fine... not through the night by any means.. but you have a good first and often second stretch with only minimal assistance :-) you weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds and 1 ounce at 3 months old... you're heavier now than audrey was at 9 months old!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a new bed... plop!

since audrey's been crying and screaming in the middle of the night and needing daddy to go in and sleep in her room with her, we decided to have her try out her new princess toddler bed. you like it... but you've fallen out several times already. you sleep just like daddy.. tossing and rolling all over the place. and once you fall, you don't like going back in the bed.. and end up sleeping on top of daddy!

spencer - you've slept over 5 hours straight these past 2 nights! i hope that's a permanent thing! you're just about 12 weeks old.. heidi says rex started sleeping through the night at 11 weeks.. and i hear that sleeping 5+ hours straight is considered sleeping through the night.. so there you go! ;-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

spencer is 2 months!

and you weighed in at a cool 14 and a half pounds! little audrey didn't weigh 14 pounds until she was 6 months old! you have been sleeping relatively well these past couple of days.. since you got your shots at the doctors. audrey slept super well after getting shots as well... or is it that we now have you swaddled, sleeping on a vibrating bouncy chair, and playing highway sounds to you all night? you'll give me a 3-4 hour stretch.. then about 2 hours and 2 hours.. which basically takes me from 10 at night til 8 in the morning. you sure are fussy from about 7pm til 9pm tho.

audrey - you are super cute... but super high maintenance too.. you love wai-po, and drag her to play with you all the time.