Friday, March 14, 2008

No More Nursing.. and Crib Napping!

Little Audrey.. I stopped nursing you completely about 2 weeks ago.. and you're doing just fine! Kinda sad 'cause it seems like you could care less if it was boob or bottle.. :-) I just gave you a bottle one day and you took it! And you're fattening up with the formula! Let's hope you are not any lower than the 25th percentile in weight at your 9 month appt. And now mommy can drink wine all the time again! :-)

Up until now, mommy had been holding or carrying you for all your naps. But yesterday, I tried putting you in the crib.. and again, you were a champ. Went down beautifully... just turned over on your left side (your favorite sleeping position), grabbed your blankie and dozed off. Alas, you only nap for 30 minutes in the crib.. but hey... it's probably better sleep than the 2 hours you get on my back as I wash dishes and run around the house with the tv blaring. Today is day 2.. and you are on nap #2 of the day... so far so goo.. it's been 25 minutes.. you typically wake up at 30 minutes on the dot... we'll see.... tune in tomorrow...!