Sunday, May 3, 2009

sleep - what else? :-)

ah.. sleep. last week spencer gave us 8 straight hours out of the blue.. and then a couple of days later.. started waking up every single hour and napping horribly. growth spurt? probably... you're about 3.5 months now... they say growth spurts happen at 3 months and 4 months? then we also felt a tooth coming in.. upper left. teething too? well.. after a couple of days of angst.. we even tried a couple of spoons of rice cereal one evening... your night sleeping is getting better.. got 4.5 hours last night... and then of course it goes downhill from there. and now daddy is leaving for taiwan for a week and a half.. aaaagh! whatever will i do without him? you're still quite a handful... you need to be hald all the time.. and sometimes you cry even while being held.. and of course.. you are *heavy*... daddy thinks that audrey was easier than you... she needed to be held all the time too.. but she was like half your weight!

you're smiling a bit more.. i think there have been some laughs.. particularly after waking up well rested. you like tummy time.. you're starting to grab things... you love the bath every night... only thing that calms you down... you're wearing 9 month clothes... you're breaking out of your swaddle every night... you love watching tv... and um.. that's all i can think of right now...