Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sleep.. wow! preggers? yea!

what did audrey give me for mother's day? the ability to fall asleep on her own! wow. daddy agrees to be on baby duty for mother's day.. and what do yo do? you sleep for 10 hours straight.. and then didn't get up until 7:30! you didn't make daddy work at all! and then all of a sudden, i'm putting you down after your bottle awake.. and you manage to fall asleep all on your very own! i'm still shocked. it's so nice to watch you fall asleep.. many times without even a whimper! you wiggle a bit.. toss and turn a bit.. suck on your blankie.. and then.. asleep!

of course, naps are still a challenge. i'm still rocking you to sleep for the most part.

and guess what.. i took a pregnancy test and it was positive! i'm gonna have to take another one tonight just to make sure.. but a little brother or sister could be on the way in 9 months!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

time away from mommy and daddy, crawling study, and more...

april 19th.. you're finally crawling.. yay!! i've been waiting for this day.. you were always so frustrated that you weren't mobile.. and i was right.. you're so much happier now! and i was waiting for you to crawl so that i could take you to a crawling study conducted by the UCBerkeley Infant Studies Center. they created a visual dropoff covered in plexiglass, and see how babies react when mommies call babies from the other side. what did you do? you crawled right over the dropoff to mommy :-). if the glass wasn't there, you'd have dropped four feet... but i think you were smart enough to know that hey - there's a piece of glass here.. i won't fall!

and in the last week, mommy and daddy have finally gone out of the house without you! wai-gong and wai-po came to watch you one night while we went to see a movie - harold and kumar escape guantanamo. we snuck out while you were napping.. and came back right before bedtime.. you did so well.. didn't even cry! and then yesterday, mommy wanted to take daddy out to a nice dinner in mill valley for his birthday, so we left you with uncle james and aunt maya for a couple of hours. you had dinner with them, and played with your cousins colby and kai, while we were gone - you had such a good time.. i don't think you even missed mommy and daddy ;-).

a couple of days ago, we went to your friend kaelie's 1st birthday party. you had a good time.. you enjoy playing with other little babies. we met a 4 month old baby boy who was bigger than you.. and you're 9 months old! yes, you are a little one. in fact, the doctor wants us to go back in 6 weeks to get you weighed. you're only in the 45% percentile for height, and the 7th percentile for weight! but it's ok.. your cousin colby is little too.. :-)

next week, we get to go to colby's first birthday party.. and we're hoping that it will get warm enough to go swimming in the pool next weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2008

umm.. still napping?

it's been 2 hours and 45 minutes! longest nap ever... wake up... wake up little baby... it's time to play.. and keep trying to get that crawl down!

sleeping through the night!

finally - at 8.5 months..! daddy kicked mommy into the guest house 2 nights ago... after a night of crying for an hour and a half whenever mommy put you back in the crib. daddy was gonna do cry it out again.. he got all set up.. turned up the monitor full blast, kept all the lights on in the bedroom.. slept propped with tons of pillows.. set his alarm to go off every hour... just so he wouldn't sleep through your crying (daddy's quite a heavy sleeper). but lo and behold what happens? you sleep from 8pm to 6pm without hardly a peep.

we all thought it was a fluke.. so daddy kicked mommy out to the guest house again last night. you woke up and cried for about 10 minutes at 3am.. but fell right back asleep until 6am. and now you're napping in your crib as i blog... going on past 2 hours already! let's hope this becomes the norm!

Friday, March 14, 2008

No More Nursing.. and Crib Napping!

Little Audrey.. I stopped nursing you completely about 2 weeks ago.. and you're doing just fine! Kinda sad 'cause it seems like you could care less if it was boob or bottle.. :-) I just gave you a bottle one day and you took it! And you're fattening up with the formula! Let's hope you are not any lower than the 25th percentile in weight at your 9 month appt. And now mommy can drink wine all the time again! :-)

Up until now, mommy had been holding or carrying you for all your naps. But yesterday, I tried putting you in the crib.. and again, you were a champ. Went down beautifully... just turned over on your left side (your favorite sleeping position), grabbed your blankie and dozed off. Alas, you only nap for 30 minutes in the crib.. but hey... it's probably better sleep than the 2 hours you get on my back as I wash dishes and run around the house with the tv blaring. Today is day 2.. and you are on nap #2 of the day... so far so goo.. it's been 25 minutes.. you typically wake up at 30 minutes on the dot... we'll see.... tune in tomorrow...!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

longest sleep stretch ever so far!

wow. last night little baby girl slept from 8pm to 4:10am! that's an over 8 hour stretch! i woke up a couple of times, anticipating her waking.. and at 3am.. had to go into her room to make sure she was still breathing :-). let's hope this becomes a trend... now - how to get you to sleep later.. waking up at 5:30/6am is too early for mommy... i'd love for you to sleep til at least 7am! you used to go 7:30 to 7:30.. but then again, you'd get up 10+ times between those times.. so i think i'll take the 5:30am right now.. ;-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

back from LA!

ah.. gone only for 2 nights.. but so glad to be back home! had dinner with tom and amy, and met with some people about getting some print/commercial gigs for little baby audrey :-) they said they like her cheeks (daddy!) and ears (mommy!). well.. we'll see if we can get any gigs... if so, we'll be back down in LA lots lots more!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

in LA for the day

jason and i flew down to la for the day... had dinner with tom and amy tonight to celebrate their engagement.. greece in october - yay! baby girl really is a good little baby... sleep is hard... but she's pretty mellow. she slept most of the plane ride... then during dinner (at a restaurant that doesn't even have high chairs or booster seats!) she held out so well.. eventually fell asleep in my arms she was so tired... oh, and today for the first time, she started sucking on the pacifier! kinda late to start a bad habit... but hey, if she wakes up multiple times at night, and keeps on biting me when she nurses.. then she's not hungry and just wants to suck... so i'm all for the pacifier! anyhoo... now i'm in the eensy weeny hotel room with baby in the crib in the bathroom while jason is out drinking with his bud..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Night Out w/o Baby!

6 1/2 months after baby.. jason and i have our first date night... on valentine's day! i can count the number of times that baby has been with just daddy on my fingers.. but she's never, ever, ever been without the both of us at the same time! i was dubious. my parents came over, and jason and i had dinner reservations at the early bird hour of 5pm. not that we don't love our little munchkin, but what a nice night to be able to enjoy dinner by ourselves :-). of course, i wanted to call and check in.. but jason wouldn't let me. we left a bottle, and all sorts of different baby food. we got home around 7:30.. poor little munchkin was tired.. but doing just dandy in my mom's arms. nothing to worry about. and i thought she would be screaming for mommy.. ;-) the tears started when we got home though.. i think it was - 'where were you? why did it take you so long.. i'm tired and wanna go to bed!' now jason wants to do this every week! :-)