Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sleep.. wow! preggers? yea!

what did audrey give me for mother's day? the ability to fall asleep on her own! wow. daddy agrees to be on baby duty for mother's day.. and what do yo do? you sleep for 10 hours straight.. and then didn't get up until 7:30! you didn't make daddy work at all! and then all of a sudden, i'm putting you down after your bottle awake.. and you manage to fall asleep all on your very own! i'm still shocked. it's so nice to watch you fall asleep.. many times without even a whimper! you wiggle a bit.. toss and turn a bit.. suck on your blankie.. and then.. asleep!

of course, naps are still a challenge. i'm still rocking you to sleep for the most part.

and guess what.. i took a pregnancy test and it was positive! i'm gonna have to take another one tonight just to make sure.. but a little brother or sister could be on the way in 9 months!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

time away from mommy and daddy, crawling study, and more...

april 19th.. you're finally crawling.. yay!! i've been waiting for this day.. you were always so frustrated that you weren't mobile.. and i was right.. you're so much happier now! and i was waiting for you to crawl so that i could take you to a crawling study conducted by the UCBerkeley Infant Studies Center. they created a visual dropoff covered in plexiglass, and see how babies react when mommies call babies from the other side. what did you do? you crawled right over the dropoff to mommy :-). if the glass wasn't there, you'd have dropped four feet... but i think you were smart enough to know that hey - there's a piece of glass here.. i won't fall!

and in the last week, mommy and daddy have finally gone out of the house without you! wai-gong and wai-po came to watch you one night while we went to see a movie - harold and kumar escape guantanamo. we snuck out while you were napping.. and came back right before bedtime.. you did so well.. didn't even cry! and then yesterday, mommy wanted to take daddy out to a nice dinner in mill valley for his birthday, so we left you with uncle james and aunt maya for a couple of hours. you had dinner with them, and played with your cousins colby and kai, while we were gone - you had such a good time.. i don't think you even missed mommy and daddy ;-).

a couple of days ago, we went to your friend kaelie's 1st birthday party. you had a good time.. you enjoy playing with other little babies. we met a 4 month old baby boy who was bigger than you.. and you're 9 months old! yes, you are a little one. in fact, the doctor wants us to go back in 6 weeks to get you weighed. you're only in the 45% percentile for height, and the 7th percentile for weight! but it's ok.. your cousin colby is little too.. :-)

next week, we get to go to colby's first birthday party.. and we're hoping that it will get warm enough to go swimming in the pool next weekend!