Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sleep.. wow! preggers? yea!

what did audrey give me for mother's day? the ability to fall asleep on her own! wow. daddy agrees to be on baby duty for mother's day.. and what do yo do? you sleep for 10 hours straight.. and then didn't get up until 7:30! you didn't make daddy work at all! and then all of a sudden, i'm putting you down after your bottle awake.. and you manage to fall asleep all on your very own! i'm still shocked. it's so nice to watch you fall asleep.. many times without even a whimper! you wiggle a bit.. toss and turn a bit.. suck on your blankie.. and then.. asleep!

of course, naps are still a challenge. i'm still rocking you to sleep for the most part.

and guess what.. i took a pregnancy test and it was positive! i'm gonna have to take another one tonight just to make sure.. but a little brother or sister could be on the way in 9 months!

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