Friday, March 13, 2009

spencer is 2 months!

and you weighed in at a cool 14 and a half pounds! little audrey didn't weigh 14 pounds until she was 6 months old! you have been sleeping relatively well these past couple of days.. since you got your shots at the doctors. audrey slept super well after getting shots as well... or is it that we now have you swaddled, sleeping on a vibrating bouncy chair, and playing highway sounds to you all night? you'll give me a 3-4 hour stretch.. then about 2 hours and 2 hours.. which basically takes me from 10 at night til 8 in the morning. you sure are fussy from about 7pm til 9pm tho.

audrey - you are super cute... but super high maintenance too.. you love wai-po, and drag her to play with you all the time.

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