Thursday, April 16, 2009

cio - again...

little audrey... your sleeping in the last month got from awesome to terrible... it all started with some middle of the night screaming so daddy slept on the floor in the room with you.. once a week.. then every coupla days.. then every single day.. then needing to sleep on the floor next to daddy... then we introduced the toddler bed and that didn't work... so we got you back in the crib... then you started to need daddy in the room with you until you fell asleep... then also for naps... sigh. so we had to resort to letting you cry it out tonight. not something mommy can do at all.. left it all to daddy... mommy can't bear to hear your sobs. i suppose it didn't go all that bad.. you were asleep within about a half hour of crying.. now we have to wait until your middle of the night screaming for daddy and see how that goes... sigh. all this, and we're trying to transition you to preschool 2 days a week too... and who knows.. maybe your molars are coming in too.. and you've got this annoying 3 month old little brother who takes up time from mommy and daddy.. :-(

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