Saturday, June 27, 2009

cry it out spencer take 2!

ok.. so it didn't quite work last time... and then you got sick.. again.. and we can't possibly make you cry it out when you're sick! so here we are.. almost a month later.. and mommy is confined to the bedroom. yesterday was the first night... you went down at 8.. woke up at 11:40... apparently you cried like 20 minutes and fell back asleep until 2pm when you woke and daddy gave you a bottle... fell right back asleep until 5:30.. when you whimpered and struggled and slept a little here and there until 6:30, when you had it, and were up for the day. pretty darn good! max crying time of 20 minutes before falling asleep.. your sister audrey cried for a whole hour when we let her cry it out!

tonight you had a harder time going down... but again.. cried 20 minutes and fell asleep. we'll have to see how the rest of the night goes.. but if you can go all night... woo hoo.. a whole new world for mommy.. one where i can get some sleep finally at last!

i also started you on level 2 baby food jars today... banana rice peach today.. yum! you're still not such a big milk drinker.. but boy you can eat that baby food!

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