Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Night Out w/o Baby!

6 1/2 months after baby.. jason and i have our first date night... on valentine's day! i can count the number of times that baby has been with just daddy on my fingers.. but she's never, ever, ever been without the both of us at the same time! i was dubious. my parents came over, and jason and i had dinner reservations at the early bird hour of 5pm. not that we don't love our little munchkin, but what a nice night to be able to enjoy dinner by ourselves :-). of course, i wanted to call and check in.. but jason wouldn't let me. we left a bottle, and all sorts of different baby food. we got home around 7:30.. poor little munchkin was tired.. but doing just dandy in my mom's arms. nothing to worry about. and i thought she would be screaming for mommy.. ;-) the tears started when we got home though.. i think it was - 'where were you? why did it take you so long.. i'm tired and wanna go to bed!' now jason wants to do this every week! :-)

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