Saturday, February 16, 2008

in LA for the day

jason and i flew down to la for the day... had dinner with tom and amy tonight to celebrate their engagement.. greece in october - yay! baby girl really is a good little baby... sleep is hard... but she's pretty mellow. she slept most of the plane ride... then during dinner (at a restaurant that doesn't even have high chairs or booster seats!) she held out so well.. eventually fell asleep in my arms she was so tired... oh, and today for the first time, she started sucking on the pacifier! kinda late to start a bad habit... but hey, if she wakes up multiple times at night, and keeps on biting me when she nurses.. then she's not hungry and just wants to suck... so i'm all for the pacifier! anyhoo... now i'm in the eensy weeny hotel room with baby in the crib in the bathroom while jason is out drinking with his bud..

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